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No organisation can be static in a fast-changing, digitally-driven world. Technology has transformative power but is also disruptive, volatile and borderless. Disruption, unguarded risk and unanticipated technology change is a growing concern for directors and executives.

Healthy Board = Healthy Company


B2HA starts at the top. We work with boards and executives on technology
governance and assist in achieving clear culture and direction for their
organisations. If they are not involved first (and always) then sustainability and
performance is hampered when technology problems start to affect the business.

The boards’ role is to provide risk governance, independent oversight, and credible
challenge on governance issues to prescribed officers and management. There are
often gaps in perspective and understanding between these organisational levels
regarding technology and information governance (ie. what’s happening and how
do we respond?). B2HA assists you in bridging these gaps and helping you to
move forward with clarity.

When effectively managed and accurately implemented – the value and potential
benefit of technology is undeniable. With B2HA as your partner and advisor, we can
help to create and maintain the delicate balance between technology risk and the
sustainable investment in it.


Why B2HA


We’re not just an advisory firm.

We are a leadership group of highly skilled professionals. Our team members
have served in key positions within the industry – having spearheaded many a
challenging project on both a local and international level. As a whole, the B2HA
an expert team has formulated technology strategies that have shaped the long-term
outlook for many key organisations.

We focus on the root cause of problems. Our unique experience and emphasis on
high-quality research and data allow us to share a unique perspective that helps our
clients to see things differently for committing to a course of action. For B2HA,
the strategy is critical to business success and is core to our thinking. A strategy must
evolve as technology does otherwise resources and effort are wasted or

“Technology  Strategy is no longer isolated

– it must be core to corporate strategy.”






Did you know that Coca-Cola was originally designed as a medicine before it became one of the world’s most popular and dominant  beverage companies?  That the wheel was invented as a component of children’s toys before it became a key element of almost every process involved in our day to day lives? All it took was for someone to see beyond its initial purpose  and realize the full scope of opportunities that these products have the potential to achieve.At B2HA we believe in viewing your business from a holistic point of view –  identifying any an all areas
of growth and potential without limitation – enabling you to realise your full potential.

A robust structure through which your organisation’s vision and mission are outlined and strategies are evolved.

Stronger information systems, efficient operations and allocation of resources.

Improved accountability, control and transparency

The promotion of ethical behaviour and long-term sustainability

 Improved relationships between stakeholders

Agreement of objectives and goals by the board, management and shareholders




Empire Partner Foundation (EPF)  is responsible for all our Socio-Economic as well as Enterprise and Supplier Development Projects

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