B2HA helps boards and C-Level decision makers to manage their risk appropriately. Technology is volatile and fast changing, yet vital to the organisation.  A board that neglects this understanding cannot set effective direction or culture for the company.  This is where we can help.

We start at board level. This is where most organisations get technology sustainability wrong.

B2HA helps improve the health of boards in organisations by assisting them to understand the nature of technology and the growing risks that accompany its use.  

We assist boards and executives to take responsibility for technology decisions by empowering them to become part of the innovation journey.

Boards and officers of organisations are legally liable for their actions. Ignorance is no longer an acceptable defence. Therefore, responsibility for technology decisions resulting in performance problems and financial liability vest at the top.

Previously executive decisions on technology were made lower down in organisations, as these were often considered too technical (and at times intimidating).

We help to bridge this ‘intimidation gap’ to get closer alignment between the board and the implementers of technology for their organisations.

The value and potential benefit of technology is undeniable. However, it is inherently volatile and becomes dangerous when poorly implemented and managed.

Directors and officers are often unaware of the delicate balance that must be achieved between addressing the risk of technology usage and sustainable investment in it.


“Healthy Board = Healthy Company”






Responsibility for IT Governance Starts at the Top.

— B2HA —


We’re not just an Advisory firm

B2HA goes further to help you get results.

Our people have served in key positions in industry where we’ve had to turn around tough situations, so we know a thing or two about proficient IT leadership and management.

We’ve been there, so we know how things go wrong and how to fix them “from the inside”!

Our people have formulated ICT strategy that has shaped the long-term outlook for some key organisations.

We provide unique perspective that enables our clients to see things differently before committing to a course of action.

Information and Technology permeates almost everything organisations need to function effectively and efficiently, so ICT Governance is vital to ensuring that organisations work sustainably.

For B2HA strategy matters in all business endeavours, so we seek to identify advantage in all of our efforts and convey a strategic perspective.

We focus on valid data, rigorous analyses, external perspectives and root causes to get to the answers that offer you a way beyond where you are.

Effective corporate and ICT governance extends beyond compliance with rules and protocols. It is also about enabling the organisation to overcome significant challenges and seize opportunities that build enterprise value. Truly effective governance requires a robust information infrastructure that supports transparency and timely information flow.

 B2HA can help make this possible

ICT Strategy is no longer isolated – it must be core to corporate strategy.

— B2HA —

Route – 2 – Market Services

We help you to start thinking beyond where you are with ICT.

We help optimize businesses and capture the opportunities arising from the innovation and invention reshaping your industry.

Your current organisation may be using ICT for a set purpose – we help you to look beyond that – if the digital age is going to disrupt your business why not create a new future by focusing on this before it happens to you?d settings.

B2HA helps clients to identify and define new strategies and create a road map and plan for sustainable growthOur work is intended to deliver insight and change mindsets and must enable our clients to take action in new and innovative ways in the execution of their business.

Are you ready to start a conversation?

  Unmanaged technology risk is a recipe for organisational disaster.  

— B2HA —

As a result, your organisation benefits from governance by:

 A robust structure through which your organisation’s vision and mission are outlined and strategies are evolved.

  Stronger information systems, efficient operations and allocation of resources.

  Improved accountability, control and transparency

  The promotion of ethical behaviour and long-term sustainability

  Improved relationships between stakeholders

  Agreement of objectives and goals by the board, management and shareholders








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